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The use of clairvoyance to read tarot cards dates back to Ancient Egypt.
A person who has never had any contact with this world of tarot, clairvoyance, and horoscopes may wonder how a few cards can predict your future.

But it is not the cards, the arcana, or the horoscopes in themselves that tell us what the future holds, but rather the subconscious or clairvoyance of the individual who reads them, and the symbols the cards hold allow us to predict the future of the individual who requests the conssultation. But, bear this in mind. Never forget that the future is always in your hands and your free will.

Your request will be handled only by one of us. We work alone.
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bullet Testimonials

Maria, Bilbao. "I didn’t believe in such things, till one day, out of sheer desperation, I made some calls. Of course, I felt absolutely cheated at some of the sites I went to until I found these three women. All I can say is, you have my deepest gratitude."

Laura, Madrid. "Time has passed, and we consider each other friends. They’ve never lied to me. One of their most positive things is that they tell you the truth even though you don’t like to hear it."

Lucia, Malaga . "Honestly, I never believed in these things. One day, a friend encouraged me to call, and since then I always go to them for advice when there is something that worries me."

Carlos, Lugo . "I had to call lots of websites till I found this group of women who treat you like a friend and tell you what they see. They rarely fail me. Thank you."
(We would like to thank all of you who sent in your opinion. We were unable to incluye them all due to lack of space.)

bullet Clairvoyance

The reader conducts a free tarot reading and interprets the cards. The symbols they hold and the reader’s intuition combined will unveil what the future holds and will help us make important decisions in our lives.

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